My Presentation on Google from #EducationFest 2015

I come to bury Google, not to praise them Here are the slides from my talk earlier this week. At the beginning of the talk, I shared a blank Google presentation with my Year 10 class back in Oundle. They worked on the slides during the talk, answering the question: How will technology help solve the world's biggest problems? The stimulus material for their work is a newspaper article from [Read more...]

Three books I’d recommend to any teacher entering the profession

At my school we are trying something new. A blog called Academic Chat where teachers are invited to post about one of four suggested topics. It is a new branch to various formats for 'Academic Chat' that has taken place in recent years. Since I am new to the school, and enjoy thinking about education in different ways, I'm joining in. The blog (WordPress, self-hosted, author account for each [Read more...]

Going Barefoot Presentation

This evening, I am doing a presentation at school all about going barefoot. This post provides links to resources I will use in the talk, and a few more that might be of interest. If you are thinking about going barefoot, I thoroughly recommend taking it slowly and reading/watching the media in this post, but also pursuing your own search for other advice by barefooters much more experienced than [Read more...]