• http://davidwees.com David Wees

    If you eventually decide to start including notes, etc… in Moodle, then you’ll want to be able to get equations to display. I suggest embedding images using http://www.sitmo.com/latex.

    Also as an alternative to ActivSlate, you could try Camstudio. Free screen recording software, very handy. Would record the audio track at the same time.


  • Moodle New User

    You can get the equations to display natively in Moodle without the need for third party software, however there is a learning curve.

    You can use the TeX Filter in Moodle to automatically create the images on the fly in Moodle,

    E.g. Turn on the TeX filter in Moodle, then type: $$ \sqrt{x + y} $$

    You can type this anywhere, webpage, label, topic summary anywhere you have the HTML Editor.

    Im not sure where you can get a complete list of TeX Filter alternatives but there must be one lol

    Possible Sources:


    Not sure which of these will work in Moodle, but it does use LaTex so should all work. It basically converts the text to an image on the fly and then links back to the text so that anyone else can see it and use it.