• http://mrstacey.org.uk Dave Stacey


    Great idea. If this was an offline course, I’d probably get them to start discussing their reactions to a series of scenarios related to e-saftey (what should Bob do if…)

    This could work well using a Moodle discussion forum, although I don’t know a) if the debate would move to fast in the context of a single lesson b) how comfortable teachers would be giving up the ability to overhear and jump in in quite the same way you can in a live environment.

    One to consider though.

    If I have any more ideas, I’ll be back :0)

  • http://daibarnes.info daibarnes

    Thanks Dave.

    I have a few ‘what if’ scenario work sheets I was going to convert to Moodle quiz or Q&A forum. I would like to spend some time developing complex multiple choice answers where the subtleties might make the pupil think more, also provide opportunity for detailed/deeper feedback rather than correct or not. But time? You got any I can borrow?