• kathy

    I thought when you said yesterday – I am sure I did it a little different not by changing the text to white. In the question text I inserted the audio by putting in text for a link and used the insert weblink button – navigated to the course files and chose the file. I then removed the text from between the and the player still showed OK.

    The music notation idea sounds good – will have to try it out as I will then be able to cascade on to my musicians.

  • http://www.yourmathstutor.info Ian Wild

    Hi daibarnes and kathy. kathy is right: Moodle looks for a link to an audio or video file and compliments that link with its own embedded player. Once you’ve selected some text and used the “Insert web link” button to turn that text into a link to the audio file then you can switch to HTML view (the angle brackets button) and remove the text from inside the anchor tags. It’s a technique I talk about in Moodle Course Conversion: Beginner’s Guide, the book that Mary Cooch’s Moodle for 7-14 Year Olds is based on.

  • http://www.moodleblog.org Mary

    alternatively…. :) don’t add any text at all – just type in some blank spaces and highlight the blank spaces – Moodle will put the player directly into there with no need then to get rid of the text.