Roll Up Roll Up… TeachMeet BETT 2011 is open

Teachers interested in teaching are a fabulous breed of professionals.

TMBETT11 lgo

TeachMeet BETT 2011 is on Friday Jan 14th 18:30 – 21:00 at the Apex rooms in Olympia, Kensington. It will bring together educators wanting to do something different in the classroom; ready to share their stuff in the mutual appreciation. There is no silver bullet to solve everyone’s school problems. There is energy, buzz and enthusiasm to harness and it will be there in bucket loads on the 14th.

What rocks the kids in your classroom? Can you share it with others in seven or two minutes? We’ll give you a mic, a computer and a big round of applause (as well as a free drink to raise the spirits!).

I guarantee you will be pleased you took the time to go to this TeachMeet. If not, I’ll buy your pizza at the TeachEat in Pizza Express downstairs afterwards. So, check the links below, sign up to eventbrite and to the wiki. If you’re not sure how, email me on: daibarnes [at] gmail [dot] com.


Eventbrite tickets:

Ian Usher’s blog post setting out the plan.

  • ianaddison

    @daibarnes and 9 presentations booked already!

    • daibarnes

      @ianaddison D’oh. Forgot to do the wiki. :s

  • chrismayoh

    @daibarnes Just signed up! Looking forward to it #TMBETT11

    • daibarnes

      @chrismayoh Excellent Chris. Think it will be a good one. Great way to kick the year off. #tmbett11

      • chrismayoh

        @daibarnes Now just trying to think about a possible presentation… #TMBETT11

        • daibarnes

          @chrismayoh me too. Thinking moodle peer review assignments or robot club or collaborative google presos. Hmmmm? #tmbett11

          • chrismayoh

            @daibarnes It’s a tough one! I have no idea yet. Need some inspiration…

          • IaninSheffield

            @daibarnes Oo, can I vote for Moodle peer reviews? Pretty please?