• Touristfromthefuture

    People transform – tech merely augments

    • Anonymous

      Of course it is people that transform learning. My post seems naive in omitting that detail. Early morning train journey is my only excuse.

      I would say that the mechanics of the tools we use are important. For example, the collaboration afforded by Google Apps at the behest of the user. Moodle offers simple mechanics that afford different learning structures to those we use on paper. The teacher makes them work. The communicative element is the transformation.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  • Guest

    Good post, thank you.

    I’m in the situation of advising a school that currently has no VLE and is considering a number of options. I think it will come down to Frog and Moodle. I like (and know intimately) Moodle and had a feeling that Frog would have the advantages/disadvantages that you mention. I think staff would in general be happier with the easiest system to use and something that just works (so look and feel will hold some value over pedagogy (which isn’t my order of preferences)).

    Knowing what you know, which would be the best choice to advise… is it the case of two competent options and it just depends slightly on what your end goals are?

    Also, which of these better integrate with Google Docs/Apps?

    • daibarnes

      For me it depends on the moodle host company you choose. All the things that frog does are available on moodle if you know how to make it happen. But moodle can do a lot more. If you forge a way of doing things and set that to your teachers, there is no reason frog would serve your school better. However, you need to know what this might be so if you have moodle experience then you may be able to work this out.

      More to come soon that might be very helpful.

      • Guest

        Thanks very much for the informative reply. I like you am impressed by pedagogy and things that transform learning or save me time. I’m not sure that Frog will be good for me, but think it might be chosen for those that don’t know what they want and like anything that looks good and has a good salesperson selling it. I fear that I am likely to end up with a similar feeling to you (assuming that you went with Froggy in the end).