• stevemargetts

    I think you have done the right thing by focusing on the few things that you want all staff to do.  My experience is that they forget these very quickly…  Drip feeding on the key features you want them to be able to do is essential.  My worry about your video list is that it might seem too daunting – colleagues may not revisit the one video you really want them to master.  Could you differentiate the list.  What do you want them to be able to do?  For me, it is logging onto the toolkit and keeping a page updated.

    • daibarnes

      Hi Steve,

      The plan is to differentiate as far as is possible. We will set a learning objective and then learning activities as follows:
      – look around and see what’s there
      – book an iCT room
      – upload and manage file and multiple file
      – create and manage a workspace
      – possibly put a few bricks into the workspace
      – zip upload (so they can upload folder with sub-folders)
      – webpage
      – forms
      – set work (quick issue first, then LP template)Everyone: 1- 3; Most: 1- 6;  Some: 1-6 and choice of 7/8/9. The idea is they will access this via a frog training portal and will be able to return to independently and continue training.Would you delete or add anything? I see workspaces as a major win because of the comms. Also, want to be able to service the enthused who want to get on with more complicated stuff. PDF Frog guides will be made available but training will be via videos with teachers in groups of 12 and a Frog Champion allocated to each group (room). First activity will be modelled and walked-through by Champion. After that, differentiation kicks in.The video list will be organised so as not to be daunting, e.g. all the frog brick videos will be on a separate page linked to the video list.WDYT? And thanks for taking the time to comment. :)Dai

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