• Ian Guest

    As always, wise, considered and perhaps just a tad contentious, words Mr B? I’ve been asking myself the same question as the post title for
    some time now. I tend to agree that the formal qualifications to which your refer serve our students only poorly and are increasingly simply
    about providing the means for accountability of individual teachers, the departments and schools within which they work and ultimately I guess,
    the Government. They provide a quick (and dirty) mechanism for HR departments or HE admissions tutors to filter applicants. But beyond
    that? I’m not sure.

    I too feel that a portfolio illustrating a student’s capabilities, passions and progress might provide a more rounded picture of their suitability for a particular position, though appreciate that portfolios too are not problem free. Your points are largely in the context of computing/computer science, so I wonder to what extent it is appropriate to extrapolate your arguments beyond these fields? I can’t claim experience in the fields, but it appears that the artistic sectors manage quite well using the principle of portfolios, so why not others? [Puts on tin hat and bulletproof vest]