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I am always looking to learn more about the practical application of technology in the classroom to aid teaching and learning and on a school-wide basis. I am the Head of Digital Strategy for a large independent boarding school in Oundle UK, teaching 11 – 18 year olds. And, given the choice, I do not wear shoes. unless it’s very chilly outside.

My feet after five miles barefoot running

My feet after five miles barefoot running

Anything posted in this blog does not represent the views of my employer. Should anything offend or be inaccurate, please let me know and I’ll check it out. All content is shared under a creative commons share-alike attributable licence – you have my permission to use it unless stated otherwise.


  • jen

    hi there! i’m wanting to reference a piece of your work for my masters assignment. would this be okay? and i wondered if you could give me your full name!

  • daibarnes

    I would be honoured. Dai Barnes is my full name. Do you mind me asking what you are referencing?

    • jen

      I read your work on distributed leadership and have used this line… “A distributed leadership perspective shifts the focus off the individual leader and on to ‘leaderful’ organisations” in my assignment. I really liked this idea. I hadn’t heard leaderful before but looked up a definition… Leaderful organisations lead all together (collectively) and at the same time (concurrently). I am working on my Masters in Educational Leadership and my first assignment is around Distributed Leadership. Thank you SO much. I really appreciate it!

  • Duluoz57

    i find the blue bird to be a meaningless distraction from your otherwise engaging point of view.

    • daibarnes

      Indeed. I put it on a week or so ago after seeing it somewhere else and thinking “yeah, that’s neat” – but I totally agree with you. It just annoys. And now it’s gone. Thanks for saying so.

  • Simbleby

    I need to some edtechroundup in my life… yes I am back…

    Jonathan Sim

  • Mark del Calma

    Good day Mr. Barnes, I have read some of your works and I would like to reference your work on the critical analysis of distributed learning on one of my works in my m.a. class I hope this would be okay. 

    Many thanks,

    Mark del Calma

    • daibarnes


    • daibarnes

      No problem. Please feel free to do so.

  • cikgu ayob

    Hello…Mr. Barnes. I’m Ayob from Malaysia. My school on running vle using frog too.