Am I a Rugby Referee?

"the referee's a teacher! the referee's a teacher! the referee's a teacher!" Watching the Six Nations rugby tournament play out this afternoon, I was again impressed by the referees of this aggressive and skilful game. There are characteristics about the variety of voices a ref uses, and parallels can be made between the behaviours of individuals and groups that are encountered on the pitch, [Read more...]

Connecting the next billion people to the Internet

Guest post by Rebecca, a Year 10 pupil at Oundle School On February 26th, Oundle School’s Computer Society was privileged to hear a fascinating and motivational talk by Ben Francis from Mozilla Corporation. Mr Francis has had many interesting jobs and projects (including an internship at Google) culminating in his current work at Mozilla as a Front End Engineer. What he told us has had a [Read more...]

Big Data Science and other things Wolfram

Yesterday, I decided to book myself on a conference that was not explicitly about education. Wolfram are working with data - BIG DATA - and big banks and other corporations to help them make sense of their copious amounts of data. People are drowning in the stuff. It was refreshing -inspiring and regenerating - not be at an education conference discussing the same old topics, but instead to be [Read more...]