Google Teacher Academy London 2014

I am really chuffed to become a Google Teacher Academy Mentor for GTA London (October) 2014. There is an excellent team of Mentors on board, whom I'm very much looking forward to working with over the next six months and beyond. This GTA, unlike the one I attended a few years ago, will be run by NoTosh under the direction of Ewan McIntosh, the founder of TeachMeets up in Scotland. An astute

Digital Artistry Careers Ahead

I watched XMen Future (or whatever it's called) in 3D last night. It's only the second time I've watched a 3D movie - I don't get out much - it was amazing. I have always pooh-poohed 3D. No more. Gone are the majority of gimmicks of things flying out the screen which tend to be annoying. However, for me, the sense of human movement on the screen was superb, sometimes even tender (Jeff at CNET