Jigsaw24 Apple iPad Conference December 2013

Today I went to Prior Park College in Bath to attend the Jigsaw24 Apple Conference. They do iPads rather than tablets. And have some pretty cool ideas, offer schools excellent support, do great insurance that covers the gap when pupils don’t pay and sell iPad at the lowest cost I have seen. They genuinely seem to be a friendly and effective bunch of people. We have a contract with them, but I am not sure exactly what for as I write – they deal with our ICT Services Department.

It was few in number but interesting. There was no hashtag. These are just my notes lifted from evernote and edited a little. Please forgive the lack of detail in places and haphazard formatting. My thought on the matters arising will come later following an enlightening walk and a coffee with this lovely man I met there (but cannot remember his name; burning moment of shame) and I need to think about it all a bit more.

Source: http://eyedzard.deviantart.com/art/Need-To-Think-Outside-The-Box-202783112 (labelled for re-use on search)

Source: http://eyedzard.deviantart.com/art/Need-To-Think-Outside-The-Box-202783112 (labelled for re-use on search)

Lara Havord

  • Education manager, apple UK (now a team of 6 people – only 6??).
  • iPad can ignite hunger for learning.
  • Apple committed and passionate about education.
  • All about the teaching and learning and the good learning outcomes.
  • Lara ran (still runs??) Regional Training Centres.
  • They are there to provide advice and support to any school that wants it.
  • Close link to schools.
  • Always happy to talk.
  • Use resellers like jigsaw but can contact directly.
  • All about individuals. Learners. Solve problems. Create.
  • Apple Distinguished Educator programme.
  • Research. Looking at impact of tech in schools.
  • Apple.com uk site has evidence on it. (? https://www.apple.com/uk/education/)
  • Hull uni report on research in Scottish schools.
  • And Longfield iPad research report listed by NAACE.
  • ItunesU. Fantastic free resource. Rich store of material created by top educators in the globe.
  • iBooks Author.
  • Referencd SAMR & TPACK.
  • Free apps now include gband and iMovie.
  • But iCloud is the online access winner.
  • Apple TV. AirPlay.
  • Accessibility. Tools and features.
  • Why iPad in education? Lists apps listed above more or less. 95000+ educational apps.
  • But, identify key apps to realise your educational vision.
  • However, education collections exist to help you browse edu apps. iWork stuff.
  • Really about what you do with them and who supports you. RTCs. Apple Professional Development ADP. Resellers.
  • Encouraged to make the most of our apple technology. Get fee training from RTC. Consider ADP.
  • It is all about excellent teaching and learning.

Film. Apple promo for education. ContacT: havord.lara@apple.com

Mike and Paul

  • Flagship trainers. ADEs.
  • Certified APD specialists.Importance of vision and plan course in the apple catalogue.
  • SLT course.
  • Looking for transformational activities going on in case studies? In the evidence?
  • The course looks at how we are going to reach goals, what the goals are and how we might adapt existing plans.
  • Planning how to present those ideas to key stakeholders. Staff. Governors. Parents.

The plan:

  • The goal/aim is the third stage. Recommend 1-2-1 deployment. Evidence supports this.First stage. Where to start. (Class sets, cited as the most difficult way to use iPads in school – oh dear). Often felt to be deemed successful mainly because of novelty shiny value – everyone’s excited. There will be struggle. Mike and Paul are here to support us.The second stage can be hard. Difficult second album analogy overused.Discussion points:
  • Deployment model. Nigel (teacher presenting later) has done this. Splitting them into smaller groups might be better.
  • Technical support demands for class sets that aren’t there for 1-2-1.
  • Esafety.
  • Digital leaders. Staff – cascade existing skills. Largely experiential collaborative learning process. Access on personal basis and in school preferably before using in school.
  • Apps. Paid? Which ones and why? Training plan targeting specific departments and apps.
  • Road ahead vision. Strategy. Tablets around for a while. We can/should plan their use.


  • Course provides opportunities to get hands on devices.
  • ItunesU. Looks like nice content for classics dept on there.
  • Also interesting resources on iPad in classroom. Subscribed to a couple.

Sarah Paddock. Teacher.

  • On twitter.
  • From prior Park Prep school. Trial for two months. 1-2-1.
  • Made sure infrastructure was good allowing movement between rooms etc.
  • Meraki with MDMA and light speed through jigsaw.
  • VPP.
  • Card free apple IDs for pupils and staff.
  • Apps made via requests.
  • Student workflow solution achieved via google apps.
  • Padagogy wheel mapped to blooms.
  • Pupil, teacher and parent surveys before and after trial.
  • Parent and pupil meeting before and after.
  • Updates throughout the trial.
  • Staff twilight training once a week. Including troubleshooting.
  • Pupil digital leaders meet once a week.

Ian Barker. Latin teacher

  • On twitter.
  • Socrative. Loves it for vocab testing.Digital leaders presenting. Helps with dyslexia because of changing text size. Mind maps like popplet. Apps: book creator. Send to iBooks. Showed his books. Signed contract beforehand. No games 12+. Teacher can look at iPad any time. Pic collage. Next DL. Y7. 2 month trial. Very happy at first. Teaching same material in a different way. Socrative again. Latin. Maths.Explain everything in art. Book creator. Complete topics quicker. Own pace. Prep fun.
  • The trial has been more successful than they had hoped. Jigsaw were a great support. Buying iPads for all staff in Jan 2014. And then think about pupils for next academic year.
  • Questions about Google Drive.sharing folders for each class with subjects in them. Student shares work with teacher which triggers email and prompts marking.Showbie for sharing. Edmodo do as well. Or paid for solutions that give access to network drives on iPads.

Notes from lunch

  • BYOD issues because range of devices meant that intimidation for teachers. Not knowing how to get things going/working. Not same apps etc.
  • Casper MDM. Great means of authentication. Meraki free but bought by Cisco for cloud security tools. MDM might not be sustained.
  • Parental purchase. Parents expect usage of device.
  • iOS7 seems to create issues with lag when streaming video. Jigsaw said this had never happened on previous OS.
  • Also an issue with Apple TVs requiring schools to group these dynamically via Bonjour so you only see those in immediate vicinity.

Lightspeed Systems

  • Est. 1999. In Europe since 2005. Protecting over one million students in UK.
  • Work with all the big players from technical side.
  • Three solutions make up mobile learning essentials…
  • Manage devices
  • Keep safe on internet on school owned devices at home
  • Collaborate with MyBigCampus

Selling points:

  • Commitment to education
  • Educational rich features
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Focus on mobility, 1:1 or class sets
  • Easy admin, delegate admin down to classroom level.

Mobile device management:

  • Hierarchical design. Delegate admin to teachers in classroom to open or close access to resources, e.g. Turn off cameras.

My Big Campus

  • Learning platform. VLE but new generation.
  • Social networking approach. shared storage. Device apps for access. Public resources, once used on MBC, is categorised and made available through their search engine. Build community of users. Teachers can communicate on EduTalk feature. Linked with web filtering solution so that web access used on site applies. Teacher uses a resource and it’s auto unblocked on school network. Filter works at home as well. Policies granular. Redirects YouTube and Google to education versions. Strict safe search enforced, images blocked are blocked on websites as well. Lockouts for repeat offenders. Email notifications triggered. Overrides is a soft block e.g. Nudity in art will auto trigger reauthentication. Web zones controls what students do on internet in your classroom. White and black list sites possible.
  • Video. Samuel Lister Academy. On youtube.

Paul and Mike again

  • Accessibility features on iPad. Lots of great things for Progress Centre.
  • iBooks. Text book store. Hands on usage of all related features.


Nigel. Teacher.

  • Learning spaces. iPad trolley. Vision tables (flat projection). Idea paint on walls.
  • Showed iPad as chopping board video.
  • Class set in music.
  • Learning. Looking at other schools. Trial. Change perceptions.
  • Students. Enjoyed collaboration with google drive and calendar. Independence to get unstuck through web. Find info in seconds when I want it. No incidents of theft or damage, staff embraced project.
  • BYOD mainly web based research. Parental concerns around device liability. Teachers did not use them regularly. Not as well liked as iPads.
  • Geography stand out subject. More academic progress made compared to control group and Geography used the iPads the most.
  • Giving parents iPad options. iPad mini. Ipad2 and iPad air. Bought for FSM pupils.
  • Change team. Group of staff tasked with making his happen. Help to launch to parents and helping to develop pedagogy across subject areas. SAMR model wheel.
  • Video. Book as new technology.

Tablets 4 Schools 2013 Twitter notes on Storify

I didn’t attend this event. I was lucky enough to receive a personal invite but had already committed myself to another tablet event (much smaller scale) with a company called Jigsaw24 who have some innovative ideas on how to roll out iPad in schools. On the train home I read through the tweets and found Tony Parkin had impartially documented the gist of what was presented. I was going to write up the notes (they’re in my notebook) but time is against me, so here is a storify of the key tweets. All are worth reading from beginning to end, but it is long so I’ll say goodbye here… comments at the bottom should you feel the need!

PS: remember to click *Read next page* link at bottom of storify embed.


ETRU logo

EdTechRoundUp Hanging Out Again

Do you remember ETRU? It was a weekly podcast I co-hosted with Doug Belshaw and others. We *ceased trading* two years ago because the conversations had, at that point, run dry.

ETRU logo

But it’s back! Should you want to get involved in this community (on Google Plus) then please do request an invite. The conversation is all about education technology and the usual suspects participants are UK educators (teachers of all sectors and independent consultants). We have met twice so far, the output of which is stored on YouTube.

First introductory meeting (20/10/13):


And yesterday (02/11/13) to discuss the transition of ICT to Computing in the UK:


The agenda is driven by those that attend. Anyone is welcome to contribute or just watch/listen to the conversation. Google Hangouts are limited to 15 participants, so first come is first served. For me, the reason I do this is so I know I have somewhere I can ask questions, reflect on practice, hear other peoples thoughts and learn from their experience. The people who attend are all tweeters and all lovely people. Bonza! What’s not to like?

Leap Motion in Motion in School

Following a hurried license agreement addendum with the Leap Motion team, we were able to use the Leap Motion on the school network at the school’s annual open evening last night. This created a problem because we were only able to install the software at the last minute. So, how did it go?

Leap Motion does not play well with proxy servers. This caused a problem because the software installed fine but when you wanted to play the majority of apps from their AirSpace app store, they need to be able to connect to the internet and the proxy prevents this from  happening. In the end, we were only able to get the visualisation/orientation app working and Touchless for Windows. Visitors, young and old, and pupils, were compelled to have a go at controlling the PC using their waving hands. We set up a pupil machine with a display splitter so it displayed on the projector.

If you’re planning on having a go, I recommend setting it up on an admin access machine and using a non-school internet connection. It simply doesn’t play nicely on the network – or at least, not on our network. Leap Motion is a great piece of kit. HP have even made a laptop with it built in. But, a bit like voice control as an input device, you need to take time to learn how to use it well. I cannot foresee a context in which I will *want* to use it as a means of controlling my computer. But it does provide an excellent bit of kit to stimulate debate and thought about the appropriate selection of input devices. Also, the imaging and tracking of your hands onto the screen helps demonstrate the speed at which a computer can process data. Shame we cannot put Cut The Rope through its paces…

Tom Sherrington: This is how I work

I am Tom Sherrington and this is how I work

Twitter: @headguruteacher

Current job: Head of King Edward VI Grammar School

Been a teacher since: 1987

Location:  Live in London, Work in Chelmsford

Current mobile device:  Blackberry Bold 9900

Current computer: iMac (11,3)

School-issued devices: ipad

One word that best describes how you work: Continuously

How do you manage your calendar/diary?

I use Outlook on my school pc and ipad. I love the way the ipad is always updated without any physical connection or sync operation.   I’ve stopped syncing to my Blackberry because of the wires…

How do you manage your lesson planning?

In my head: I organise resources and talk to technicians but never write down a lesson plan.  I wouldn’t suggest this is a good plan but it’s how I work.  I only teach four hours a week.

How do you manage your marking?  

In fairly large bursts after periods of extensive peer and self-marking.  I focus on set-piece assessments and tests with most other work marked in class and lots of oral feedback.  I follow my own advice as presented here: http://headguruteacher.com/2012/06/17/264/

What’s your best tip for term-time weekends?

My family and kids take over at the weekends; I’m a Dad-chauffeur a lot of the time and I watch my son play football most Saturdays.   Early Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings are good blog-release and reading periods… but you need to have some down time.

What do you do during school holidays?  

We always go abroad somewhere  or go camping.  It’s the only time I get to read properly. Sometimes we do a house swap – last year we swapped with a family in Denmark. It works really well. Exam results days define a pretty tight window. I went to China at Easter – working! But it was a great trip: I can’t complain.

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

I love WordPress.  So easy to use with lots of great visual features. I like Hootsuite for twitter on my computer because of all the streams. I also like the Blackberry twitter app, especially since they included ‘interactions’.   I can’t get ipad twitter apps to stop crashing!   Spotify has transformed music in our family; we rarely use itunes and never buy CDs.  We have a huge imac in the kitchen which our lives revolve around.

What offline tools can’t you live without?

I love using Garageband. Before blogging, music was my thing: https://soundcloud.com/tomoftheclouds  I tried to upgrade to Logic but it’s too complicated.

What’s your main workspace like?

At work one desk is a mess of paper but I have another big table with nothing on it for meetings.  At the end of each term I do a big desk-paper purge and throw 90% of it away.  I don’t file things except electronically..and it gets out of hand from time to time.

What do you listen to while you work?

At home I listen to my ipod and spotify.. often my own music or, more recently Foals.  At school I listen to sound of students chatting in the Outdoor Classroom outside my window.

What’s your best time-saving trick?

Checking my emails continuously as they arrive on my blackberry or ipad.  I hate dealing with a backlog so I make sure I never have one.  Some see this as anti-social, obsessive, but it keeps me sane!  Like many people, I get several hundred emails a week.. I can’t manage if I don’t open them on arrival, deleting all the marketing rubbish.  I also love Shift+Command+4 for the imac screenshot function.  I use it for all my image manipulation for my blog.

What’s your favorite to-do list manager?

My head! It’s very unreliable but its the only one I use. Occasionally I flag emails which is helpful.  I should say that I have an excellent PA at work… it is amazing to work with someone who can draft the letters I need to write without me having to edit them at all and someone who has control of my diary… we do it jointly.

Besides your phone and computer, what gadget can’t you live without?

My ipod. I’ve got a fairly old brick-style ipod but I love it! My ipad is also my diary, class register, video player, camera, note-pad and browser.  I take it everywhere.

What everyday thing are you better at than anyone else?

Keeping an eye on the big picture.  I have a great team who run the school day to day; I see my job as looking ahead… but I still love to run my school’s twitter output, capturing the spirit of the school in the messages we put out.

What’s your sleep routine like?

I go to bed at midnight and wake up at 5.50am every day; Sunday is lie-in day.  My Blackberry is on hand from the time the alarm goes off until the time I switch-it off at night.  That’s pretty tragic but it is true.

Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

I’m an introvert pretending to be an extrovert when I need to.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

‘Don’t sweat the small stuff”.  My Canadian step-dad says that all the time.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Like many people I suffer continual imposter syndrome.  I imagine the other people doing things properly when I’m making it up as I go along… but actually we probably all do that.

I would like to I’d like to see Chris Husbands, @Director_I0E,  answer these same questions.


Many thanks to Tom for agreeing to post here. Other This is how I work posts are available here.