John Hattie, Visible Learning in a nutshell

I have long been a fan, or at least been thinking about, John Hattie's meta-analysis of educational research to determine what strategies and variables have the most impact on teaching and learning. Hattie's most accessible book is Visible Learning For Teachers (2012) and well worth reading. There is a website: There is a PDF of the slidedeck Hattie uses to present [Read more...]

Granular Teaching Matters

As I am preparing my presentation for the Teaching, Learning & Assessment conference at Berkhamsted on Saturday (now sold out - should be a great day), I cannot help but think about the value we should place on the micro aspects of teaching and learning. Often we are drawn to conversation and writing about the macro situation of education, attempting to generalise, strategise and prescribe for [Read more...]

MangaHigh getting focus group feedback

Today I was invited (paid) to attend a focus group for teachers using MangaHigh. I taught Maths for two years at KS3 and found MangaHigh to be the most effective technology aid for Maths learning of this type. I also had a brief look at Mathletics and used MyMaths. NB: I was not asked to write this post and I have already been paid, so I am not here to peddle any wares to line my pocket. I am [Read more...]