Go inside Google Earth to learn how to use Google Earth - XtraNormally

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Go inside Google Earth to learn how to use Google Earth - XtraNormally

I found this site via the Google Certified Teacher’s Google Group discussing Google Earth. It got me all of a fizzle about using this instructional layer KMZ file with pupils in Maths or Geography next year as part of ICT in Subjects.

You can download the Google Earth file here. The first link in the list contains the next ten tutorials. The last one you have to download separately. If you have never downloaded a KMZ file before then watch the video below (<2 minutes) – it’s late so forgive the narrator whomever he may be. :/

Props go to Thomas Petra who created Real World Maths.

Maths & Moodle #2

So where are we now?

I have opened negotiations/a dialogue with the HOD Maths in my school to discuss how we might use moodle to enhance what his department already offers. This HOD runs a tight ship and he and his teachers work very hard so he is understandably cautious before signing them up to anything that might take time to develop.

Currently they all use IWB software very well and share some of the resources (flipcharts) they make with other teachers, mostly new teachers because they all like to work in a particular way.

The ideas at the moment are to make skeletal moodle courses that position the learning with HW expectations and such through a series of lessons laid out on the moodle course. These would have direct reference to the text books and resources currently being used. The course would be tagged by topic so it would remain relevant to different year groups, e.g. Y9 top set doing some GCSE stuff.

My first post outlined an idea for students making screencasts with audio to model high-end A Level Maths work for younger students, maybe those that are struggling or new to the course. The Maths Department run a succession of surgeries for younger years to attend which are run by 6th Form. I am going to get the 6th Formers working on making these screencasts. I have in store an A4 grapgics tablet (awaiting arrival of Art computers). I thought this might be a good tool to create ther screencasts with. A group of three or four students sit round a table and solve a problem in calculas or mechanics. They discuss as they go each step by step action including mistakes. The pen would be passed from hand-to-hand to demonstrate the individual step by the person who suggested it. Microphone on the table too to record what the students are discussing as the problem develops. Possibly use an ActivSlate to do this too. The software might well be ActivStudio as it has the drawing potential but could easily be any graphics application.

I intend to trial this approach in March.

Any thoughts on how to improve it or other tools to use are welcomed as always.